Energy is shifting.  

why ngv?

Electrification is not the only path forward...

Consider the 4 C's before going electric. Cost, Capability, Cobalt, & Coal. As well as the readiness of our power grids. 

Relative price stability in a volatile energy market...

NGV's deliver the most cost effective NOx emissions reductions while NG provides long-term fuel price stability and projectable cost savings. 

Clean air won't come without clean fleets...

HDV and MDV are the NO.1 source of smog. They account for upwards of 50% of all smog-precursor emissions and 20% of all transportation-related GHGs.

OUR applications...



Various applications for medium & heavy duty fleets. Shrink your operating costs & environmental footprint.

Remote Power & Utility


If remote facilities & operations can access diesel in some way, NG is just as accessible. Our mobile solutions are able to meet these requirements & assist in the massive GOC priority to cleaner fuel alternatives. 

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Regardless of your region, operation or requirements, we will work with you to convert your conventional power generation source to a cleaner and more cost-effective solution. 

Mining Vehicles & Equipment


Heavy haul mine trucks & power generation facilities can also benefit from our developed NG systems. Ask us how. 

Infrastructure & Supply


Whether you are looking for a return-to-base/in situ facility, remote facility, or designated portable route facilities, we can accommodate. 

High Horsepower


Oil & Gas operations, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, power generation to name a few, are all industries consuming billions of gallons of petroleum fuels each year; much of it imported. NG is the smart DOMESTIC alternative with positive environmental & cost effective outcomes. Generators, off-grid energy, drilling rigs, are among a few applications we can aid in altering. 

Industry options

Dedicated Fuel

Runs on only one fuel (LNG/CNG). Suggested choice for lower horsepower vehicles running predictable routes with reliable fuel access and supply.

Dual Fuel

Or "mixed fuel" as it blends NG with diesel by injection. The vehicle can still run on 100% diesel. Suggested choice for existing fleets requiring a range and fuel flexibility, who do not wish to go through the expense of replacing entire vehicles. 


Can switch between dedicated 100% gasoline or  100% CNG. Allows customers best of both worlds. Run on CNG and switch to gas once the CNG cylinder is empty. These vehicles come equipped with two fuel gauges and a switch.


Made by compressing NG to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure.  It is stored in cylinders at a pressure of 2900-3600 PSI 

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Natural gas that has been cooled to liquid form for safety and ease of non-pressurized storage or transport. Condensed to a liquid at close to atmospheric pressure by cooling it to approximately -162 degrees celsius (-260 F). Achieves a higher reduction in volume compared to CNG therefore desirable for transport over long distances. 

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Another alternate fuel option; but has a lower energy density per litre than petrol or fuel-oil, so the equivalent fuel consumption is higher. 

Return On Investment & Incentives

ROI is dependant on vehicle type, and fuel consumption. We may be able to assist with an incentive program to facilitate inaugural projects. Please contact us to discuss further.

*Source Statistics Canada
*This map does not indicate/include industrial diesel dependant operations


Drawbacks at Present

Reliable power is critical to industrial operations and remote locations means high costs for power and often unpredictable outages. Hitec Fuel Systems is working with industrial operations to provide a more cost-effective and reliable solution through natural gas.

Remote facilities are already spending the capital to freight in diesel fuel. We can offer them a more cost-effective and cleaner alternative in various capacities: 

1) The cost to deliver the fuel needed

2) The infrastructure & generation programs to support their operations, facilities & communities 

  • A large percentage of remote, northern communities can benefit from this cleaner fuel source
  • In Canada, these communities consume over 70% of diesel for power and heat (approx. 425 million litres annually)
  • Pay up to twice the Canadian average for power and heat
  • The cost of energy is a major contributor to the high cost of living
  • Remote and northern based industries, mining and otherwise, continuously encounter costly and unreliable sources of fuel for power and heat
  • Fleets hauling to remote locations often charge higher premiums when hauling to these regions 

*Infographic source Statistics Canada

*Infographic does not represent the locations of industrial or extractive operational sites

More Info.

Ask us about utilizing a demo unit over a given timeframe to assist in developing the relevant economic benefits for your fleet.

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CNG Safety


In comparison to other fuels, CNG poses less of a threat in the event of a spill or impact as it is lighter than air and disperses quickly when released. 

LNG Safety


If no ignition source is present, LNG will dissipate completely as it is lighter than air. In liquid state, LNG is unlikely to ignite. 


light duty vehicles

Whether it's in conjunction with your heavy duty fleet, or your fleet is exclusively light duty, the same benefits apply and can compliment your operations, bottom line, and emissions output. 

Natural gas vehicles provide significant air quality benefits. Compared with other transportation fuels, natural gas creates minimal SOx, NOx, mercury and particulate emissions.  Natural gas trucks and buses reduce both smog-related emissions as well as toxic emissions that can affect human health. During vehicle refueling, there are no evaporative emissions as the connection between the fuel dispenser and the vehicle creates a sealed system. Highway tractors that operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG) incorporate boil-off capture systems, so that if LNG starts to warm up and return to a gaseous state, the fuel is captured and stored on the vehicle.

Natural gas vehicles can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution by up to between 10 and 25 per cent.


Ask us how we can  support your fleet, educate your team, and show you what you can save.





We can assist in providing relevant containment for your feeling needs. 



We can rent, lease, or design/install a compressor to support your feeling requirements. 


Cryogenic Gases

We can supply your stations with a constant LNG  stream. 


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If you have an idea or inquiry about an application not listed, give us a call.

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